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Client, Gloucestershire

I want to write to thank you and to compliment you on the lighting design you created for us. We never doubted the importance of lighting and its impact on our renovation. However, at the plan stage we were a little doubtful of what it would look like - for a variety of reasons. Do we really need 18 lights in the kitchen? We do not like spotlights, why do we have them? Etc.

Now that our project is finished, installed and working, we are delighted with the result. So, we would like to say a big thank you for the great ideas, and the gentle/firm guidance/reassurance through the process. It really works for us and we know where to call for any future lighting advice.

Sally Conran, Interior Designer

I have had the pleasure of working with Jo Mann and her team on a number of residential & commercial projects. Jo is always lovely to work with. She is organised, responsive, charming & utterly professional. Her thoughtful approach and attention to detail is uncompromised. She is always considerate to client's needs and listens to their requests and her ability to create perfect moods with her aesthetic lighting schemes bring style and beauty to every space.

I have learned from Jo that at the heart of every beautiful interior design scheme is a subtle and considerately put together lighting design.

Private Client, West London

Coming back home after being away for a while and seeing the lighting in action, the difference is huge compared with what we had originally - I am delighted with it. The bedroom is especially good, warm, effective and interesting but in all rooms the improvement is impressive. The electrician you recommended was delightful, he was so careful and did a really good job. Over all it was so worthwhile doing this, even if expensive. All the improvements you designed are going to make being here so much more comfortable and restful. Until the lighting is right it just jars, but it takes sorting it out to realise how important it is to have rooms lit in a way that does not feel uncomfortable; a transformation indeed, it is so good you don't really notice it, it just all looks great!

Private Client, Holland Park

We have just completed a major refurbishment of a large house in Holland Park. Jo Mann was hired as our lighting consultant.

Jo worked extremely well as part of a large team with many different consultants, builders, architects, landscapers etc. She is a great team player and was able to work with all team members.

As regards the lighting in the house, Jo made a considerable effort upfront to understand our requirements, our level of technical sophistication and our budget. She was then able to present a perfect solution for our needs. We are very pleased with the finished product and the lighting looks great. On completion of the project, Jo has also been fully available post our move into the house. She has come back on site several times to help us finalise each lighting setting.

We have no hesitation in recommending Jo, she is a real professional, worked well with all team members, had great lighting knowledge and was a pleasure to work with.


I have now used Lighthouse Design on two of my home refurbishments.

While I had lived in the first house for 30 years before starting, I knew I needed a specialist who could bring modern and apposite lighting to bear on the classic contemporary feel we were trying to create. Jo Mann appeared while the entire house was in pieces and quickly produced a full set of drawings with lamp identifications, placings and circuit designs. I had not realized how vital this would be as in the build process the electricians were able to work off these full plans which I could never have produced. Equally vital was Jo's knowledge of what fittings were available and their ability to fill the needs we had. All round a hugely vital part of what turned out to be an exceptionally successful refurbishment.

Following the sale of the house we have now undertaken a refurbishment of our new flat and Tamara arrived and immediately was able to see the potential for the flat and how the lighting should work. Again in two iterations we had the full lighting plans and I have been able to relax about all aspects of the electrical installations as the builder and his electrician follow the full detailed and measured designs.

The use of Lighthouse has been absolutely vital in both projects as we did not have any architect or project manager on either project and I could not have achieved the finish and quality I desired without the fantastically professional and very timely services provided by Jo and Tamara.

N.Shale, Oxfordshire

"As an experienced property developer I have always designed my own lighting schemes until I came across Light House Designs Ltd.

Jo Mann has been so professional and has helped us to achieve some inspirational lighting effects for our newly built, modern country house. Jo worked well with the design team and contractors to ensure her ideas were implemented correctly. Her lighting designs have transformed the space and with the raft of new lighting legislation, I would never embark on a project again without the help of Light House Designs."

J.Baines, Gloucestershire

"Without the imagination of Jo Mann and the extraordinary technical expertise of Light House Designs, we would never have been able to achieve that elusive sense of space, intimacy and style that can transform a property. Most particularly she formed a relationship of trust and mutual respect with our builders and architect from the outset of a long and difficult two year project which marks her out. Our experience with Light House Designs was one of the best and most productive of the entire project."

N. Selmes, London

"One thing that has made the house even better than we expected is the lighting, which is admired by the electricians and loved by us. It's worked so well and we're very grateful for all you've done."

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